Chef Ling came from Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. She was brought up by her grandmother, and such a childhood forged her into a simple, down to earth, value bounded country girl. Reminiscing about her grandmother’s home cooking ignited her intense passion in the art of Chinese cuisine, and she decided to delve into the world of food service industry.

She has been honing her skills in New York City, Chinatown Chinese Restaurants, and La Traviata Italian Restaurant in Austin, Texas for many years. Austin’s great laid back and nature-loving lifestyle made her decide to stay in this world-class city to further her interests and career here in Austin. The well know dim sum chef William Wong became her master in the art of Dim Sum making and deepened her repertoire of culinary skills.

After having a premature delivery of her second daughter, she has had to put more attention on the baby’s health and nutrition intake. She started to discover healthier cooking and the benefits of organic ingredients. The seed of combining the eastern and the western cuisine wise began to grow in her mind. Her goal is to join the culinary art and healthy living together to show that better health can be achieved by not just consuming, but by appreciating the art of Chinese cuisine.


To be the first Asian Bar Restaurant in Austin Texas. Traditional Chinese cuisine with better and healthier ingredients. On the weekdays our Chinese Restaurant will offer a limited Dim Sum menu, and a Full Dim Sum menu will be served during Sunday Brunch.


We want to help grow local businesses by using local ingredients from a local supplier. A local farmer will supply most of our products.